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We're Foundry, a full service design studio where the bar remains high and account services are considered an art form. Check us out and let us know how Foundry can help you make your mark.



First, let's begin with some honesty...

... Mission statements are kinda tired aren't they? We have a coalition, instead. And it's really quite simple – we do great work that is smart and original. No knotty formulae. No trite templates. No messy measuring widgets. Just smart strategy, creative thinking, and design that comes straight from the heart.

Tell us your destination and we'll help you chart a path. Maybe you're not taking full advantage of creative opportunities you already have. Perhaps, we need to find you new ones. We hand-deliver you to your audience, carefully considered and flawlessly executed. It's the "you" you've always wanted to be. Even better, we unearth the you you've always been. And it all starts with an open and frank conversation.



communication we trust.

Sure, we're wildly creative (not a single one of us has ever looked up at the sky and seen cloud-shaped clouds). But we believe the effectiveness of creative thinking is a team effort. We collaborate. We brainstorm. We take what is and turn it into something spectacular. The Foundry family consists of designers, art directors, strategists, web architects, animators, illustrators, writers, production artists, print managers and account managers – each has a voice, each contributes greatly to our work.

Zahra Al-harazi - Creative Director/CEO

Zahra Al-harazi

Zahra is a true citizen of the world, having lived, studied and worked on three continents, and travelled them all.

A storyteller at heart (ask her about the 4000 goats), Zahra lives and breathes design. Her passion for life and people have led her to be the best at what she does - instinctively knowing when a concept has the potential to transcend popular culture and evoke a genuine human response.

Under her watch as Creative Director, she consistently sees through the clutter and has the ability to mobilize the creative team where every thought, idea and concept has been challenged to be better. Zahra is a founding partner, can argue style in five languages, always has a "charm your socks off" smile, and is constantly busy reinforcing the awards shelf.

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Hang on... we'll stop blushing in a sec.

It's a great thing to be recognized for one's work. And it is only when we have succeeded in achieving our clients' goals, that we can sit back and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. Recognition comes from happy clients, from publishers who want to showcase our work, and kudos from our industry peers.

We've been honoured to collect a few awards of our own over the years – take just a moment here in our sort-of, online trophy case. (Not too long, though. It kind of makes us feel a little awkward.)


Mohawk Show 9

Ad Rodeo


Black Book AR100

Applied Arts


Communication Arts

Coast Paper


Design Edge



Profit W100

Avenue Magazine


Business in Calgary

Coupe Magazine

LACP Vision Awards

ARC Awards

International ARC Awards

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Meet the backseat dreamers.

Our clients are some of the most creative people we know without Photoshop skills. They hire us to translate their idea fragments into full-fledged strategic concepts – each solution a genuine reflection of who they are, answers a problem, and of the business they want to be. From oil and gas, forestry, engineering, healthcare and tourism to retail, packaging, hospitality and interior design, a variety of clients have made us partners in their success.

Partial Client List

Alberta Hospice Palliative
   Care Association

   Forest Industries

ATB Financial

Banff Park Lodge

BeatNiq/Piq Niq

Brinkhaus Jewellers

Calgary Foundation

Carmen Creek
   Gourmet Bison

CeDeCe Interior Design

Celtic Exploration

Citadel Yachts

Ember Resources


Golder Associates

Hannon Richards


National Energy Board



Petroleum Human
   Resources Council

ProspEx Energy

Savanna Energy Services

Spring Creek Ranch

Travel Alberta

Tourism Calgary

Walker Lawson
   Interior Design

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In communication we trust.

News about us. News about our industry. News about our clients. News about our victories. News about seeing and being seen. It's all news to us – and now it can be for you, too.

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A long way from “This is my cow. That one’s yours. ”

So much more than a logo, branding is how you deliver your promise to the marketplace at all touch-points.
Print, web, advertising and social media channels serve to build an impression that is unique to your company. We allow thorough research and test marketing to guide our way and to help us guide yours. No matter what the medium, that impression must build a distinct market presence that meets or exceeds expectations – ours, yours, the marketplace.

Carmen Creek - Spring Creek - Metro - Greenboro
- Ember QELC - Alberta Chicken - Acero - Cypress View -
AHPCA - Eddie - Cakewalk

See our Brand Portfolio


A message for all you suited types.

How a corporation presents itself is crucial to building market share, maintaining investor confidence, retaining great employees and sustaining a healthy bottom line. Whether through brand and identity standards, investor, community or media relations, website and intranet, employee recruitment and retention, or corporate responsibility reporting – your organization should be presented with confidence, intelligence and consistency. Allow us to harness your brand to do just that.

Artumas - Celtic - Nexen - Ember - Golder - Savanna - Travel Alberta STMP - ATB Financial - ProspEx

See our Corporate Portfolio


Entire consumer groups await your message.

Social science? Psychology? Sociology? Economics? Anthropology? Even neurosciences? Marketing employs all of these areas to such a degree, the discipline is now widely regarded as a science itself. So, while our creative ability is strong, it is only due to the foundation laid by our strategic acumen. We are seasoned design and advertising veterans with proven track records in marketing strategy. Your business objectives are the ever-present mission. They must be realized in the marketplace – failure is not an option.

Hannon Richards - Brinkhaus - Carmen Creek - Maria Tomas
- Travel Alberta Conference - Travel Alberta Direct Mail

See our Marketing Portfolio


Not just hearing or seeing your message. They’re in it.

Sometimes, the greatest manifestation of brand storytelling is bricks and mortar. The spaces created for employees and customers provide a living canvas to extend a brand experience not soon forgotten.

We've created environmental graphics for everything from bars, restaurants and hotels to corporate lobbies and office interiors – and have been awarded for the privilege. What would otherwise be just a space, transforms into a destination that surrounds customers and clients with an evocative environment created together.

Banff Park Lodge - Eddie Burger Bar - Spirit Bar
- Soho - Foundry

See our Installation Portfolio


This Internet may end up being the next big thing.

In a marketplace that meets online and shares their stories, we've created relevant experiences for clients across a wide spectrum of businesses. Harnessing the strength of social and information media demands expertise – efficient marshaling of technical elements, cutting-edge and relevant web design coding. The web's trends, syntax and protocols are second nature to us, and are guided by a keen emphasis on powerful branding. We can be your very qualified guide to a brave new world of commerce and information.

Ric Kokotovich - Carmen Creek - Hannon Richards - Metro
- Sizeland Evans - L’Arche - Ember

See our Interactive Portfolio



The most tangible result a brand can offer – ringing at the till. Fulfilling a brand promise through a package or experience, consumers can interact with and align with merchandising. In the dog-eat-dog retail market, you need as many friends as you can get. Friends to help tackle the competition. Friends to help squeeze every cent out of every square-foot of space. Heck, friends you can just shop with. Stated simply, retail operations of every stripe have benefited from our friendship.

Carmen Creek - Spring Creek - Robert Young
- Westrow Foods

See our Packaging Portfolio
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Right message. Right time. Right place.

Connecting consumers to products and services and products and services to great brands has been an art for decades, the ultimate lever to a buying decision. If your message needs to get out in a plenitude of media to a diverse audience, there has never been a better time to harness the power of the conventional and unconventional. When it comes to advertising, we are guided by a simple principle – the message needs to be single-focused for maximum impact.

Brinkhaus - Greenboro: Outdoor - Greenboro: Print -
Greenboro: Radio - Maria Tomas - Nexen - Eddie -
Travel Alberta

See our Advertising Portfolio

Non Profit

That is, if you think profit is only measured in dollars.

Are we passionate about giving back? Absolutely. Do we always have the time? No –but we do it anyway. We know that using our extraordinary powers of persuasion for good makes a real difference in the community and we're proud to give back to a city we call home and we get involved because we know it works magic for people who need it the most.

ISC - IDA awards - L’Arche - AHPCA

See our Non Profit Portfolio


Okay, here's where the rubber really hits the road.

After all, our ability to impress you with our work here may make or break your decision to do business with us at all. (Boy, it'd better be good.) This gallery is but a sample of the highly effective and award-winning work, we've created for our clients. We're very proud. Our clients are enjoying the fruits of our labours.


Fall down the rabbit hole.

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